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On hiatus until spring 2005

Welcome to Echoic Magick, a Marauders roleplay based in the year 1978-1979.

To view the game, visit magick_logs.

About Us
Character List

An Introduction. It's the fall of 1978. Those fighting for pureblood supremacy join from all over the world to support the Dark Lord, Voldemort, whose name evokes terror by the mere mentioning. Death Eaters begin to flourish, recruiting several seventh year students from Durmstrang and even Hogwarts. Those fighting for equality join the Order of the Phoenix, under the leadership of Albus Dumbledore. Even those who wish to remain neutral are forced to choose sides.

Neither witch, wizard, or muggle is truly safe.

It's the Marauder's seventh year, and tension is growing within the walls of Hogwarts. Bigotry among the students is at an all time high, whether it be from those prejudiced against the muggle-born, or those prejudiced against the pure of blood. Assumptions, gossip, and deceit taint the school beyond the staff and headmaster's control, but everyone needs to know -- who can they trust?

Quill & Ink. Each student in the game carries a journal that is bound in leather and sealed by a black ribbon bearing the lettering Echoic Magick. Journals are used by choice and are public. Italics and the scratches students tend to make are not visible to anyone but the journal's owner, and entries or part of entries may be hexed to only be read by certain people. Once opened, the blank pages become alive with words at the tap of a wand and the whispering of the word, "Aparecium." Journals are by choice and have no affiliation with Hogwarts.
magick_logs is not considered a journal, but rather a collection of events and actions that happen in the game.

Playing the Character. We ask that all roleplaying be done in third person, unless it's a journal or owl post. Our format is the same as JK's, which is third person, past-tense. If you're unsure of what this is, check out the books. Please note, posting in a character's journal on a regular basis (weekly) is not a requirement, but we expect that members will be active in all forms of roleplaying, which include journal posting, AIM roleplay, LJ roleplay, and independent roleplay. Independent roleplay is simply the posting of a character's actions without actual interaction with another character. This can be useful when creating and expanding plots, and should be done through the IC community, not the character's personal journal. Posts to your personal journal should be first person, as if your character is writing a diary entry.

Non-playable Characters. Although we have made quite a few characters playable, there are numerous students from the 6th and 7th year that are considered NPCs, otherwise known as non-playable characters. We do allow small interactions with these characters to be written about without permission, but if you are interested in using an NPC for a larger plot, one that could alter the character of the NPC, please contact the moderators and ask for permission. If you would like to create a 5th year NPC or below, please verify the character's name and any information you've created about him or her with the mods. Thanks!

The Communities. Echoic Magick runs in two communities. echoic_magick is our main community, where all out of characer posts will occur. If you'd like to talk about anything with the players or make an annoucement of your own, this community is the place to do it. This is also the main community to view the game. Our other community is magick_logs, where we post actual roleplays (AIM roleplay, LJ roleplay, or independent roleplay), owls, and in character annoucements (whether done by students or professors). Make sure to read over the user info before making a post in that community.


  7th Year
        Sirius Black :
        Lily Evans : lily_nilly
        Hestia Jones : heavenly_hestia
        Remus Lupin : wolflet
        Loreene Malkin*
        Peter Pettigrew : fourfingeredrat
        James Potter : clearlypotter
  6th Year
        Pollock Lovegood
        Jeliana Lufkin*
        Dorcas Meadows
        Fabian Prewett

  7th Year
        Caradoc Dearborn
        Frank Longbottom : familiar_frank
        Marlene McKinnon : adoptable
        Greta Catchlove : __catchlove
        Alice Stanton : peaceful_alice
  6th Year
        Otto Bagman
        Amelia Bones
        Theda Edgecombe
        Sturgis Podmore

  7th Year
        Emily Brown
        Kirley Duke*
        Gideon Prewett : aprewettcandoit
        Kingsley Shacklebolt
        Emmeline Vance : genteel_genius
  6th Year
        Benjy Fenwick*
        Meghan McCormack : keeper_meghan
        Abigail Purkiss

  7th Year
        Ludovic Bagman
        Narcissa Black : xvainxlovex
        Alice Burke*
        Antonin Dolohov
        Evan Rosier : devious_demon
        Severus Snape : deathscoldstare
  6th Year
        Regulus Black : regulus_divided
        Bartemius Crouch Jr : beguiling_barty
        Rabastan Lestrange
        Rita Skeeter : razorsharpquill

        Theodore Tonks
        Andromeda Tonks : adoptable
  Death Eaters
        Lucius Malfoy
        Rodolphus Lestrange
        Bellatrix Black : devote_bella

* reference the HP Lexicon for some background/family history; applications will be expected to reflect this.


Rules. Rules apply to all players, no exceptions.

   01. EM does not accept applicants under the age of 15, due to mature content. All members are expected and required to behave in a mature manner at all times.
   02. Please respect your fellow players, as well as the mods. If you have a problem with another player, take if off the boards, or bring it to a moderator. No flaming will be tolerated.
   03. No godmodding. You control your character, and your character only. Please give other characters a chance to react themselves, without assuming control. In addition, if a journal entry is marked private or hexed visible to only certain characters, please respect that. No character is omniscient, so keep the Mary Sue-age to a minimum.
   04: Use LJ cuts when necessary. This includes any posts, threads, or RP logs rated R or NC-17. All RP threads and logs should include the characters involved, setting, summary, and an appropriate rating, with the rest behind an LJ cut.
   05: Players who are inactive for longer than one month run the risk of having their characters taken away and reassigned. We're a small RPG -- everyone should be active.
   06: If you will be inactive for more than a couple of days, please alert the mods, or post an OOC warning. Let us know how long you will be gone, and we will make sure your character isn't reassigned.
   07: Please do not friendlock IC journal entries. It increases the chance of your entry being lost in the shuffle.
   08: Characters are British; please remember this. Americanisms are an inevitablity, but try your best to keep them out of the RPG. Check the 'Links' section for some helpful websites to use as resources. Likewise, keep your characters as in character as possible. This means most pureblood students will not have encyclopedic knowledge of the Muggle world.
   09: PLEASE use proper spelling and grammer. Netspeak will not be tolerated.
   10: Echoic Magick is rated PG-13. Any material that exceeds this rating should be placed behind an LJ cut, with a warning.
   11: If you need to speak OOC (out of characer), we only allow it in
   12: Plagerism is not permitted under any circumstances. It is unethical, irresponsible, and illegal. Any documented case of plagerism in Echoic Magick will result in immediate dismissal from the RPG.


Application. Please fill out all fields completely. Echoic Magick is a small, intimate RPG, so you may be asked to elaborate on your answers.

Your Name:
(EM does not accept applicants under the age of 15, due to mature content.)
Character Desired:
RP Experience:
(Provide links, such as other RP journals, if available)
Brief Character History: (Include personality and physical description, if necessary.)
Sample Journal Entry: (First person, as if writing in a diary. Two paragraphs minimum.)
RP Sample: (Third person, past tense, like the HP books. Two paragraphs minimum.)
Contact Information: (Include email address and AIM screenname)

Please email this completed application to
echoicmagick@yahoo.com -- the Echoic Magick moderators have final say on application approval, so please respect their decision. Since we are a small RPG, we will be very careful with our casting, and you may be contacted by one of the moderators with questions about your application. A few tips: run a spelling and grammer check on your application before submitting, and make sure you are thorough. Do your homework; see if you can work in aspects of the current events in our RPG into your sample journal entry. Most importantly, stick to canon -- we don't know much about the MWPP era, but we expect all players to adhere to what we do know.

Good luck!


Moderators. If you have any questions regarding gameplay, available characters, plottage, or anything else, please contact one of the following moderators:

Stacey (
wolflet, razorsharpquill; AIM: hgbookwyrm)
Stephanie (dogstar_sirius; clearlypotter; devote_bella, __catchlove; AIM: thethreefoldme)

You can reach the mods at echoicmagick@yahoo.com


Links. For quick and easy reference, we have compiled a collection of important links.

Easy-Add Admin Console (A quick and easy way to update your friends list;friendlocked to members only)
AIM/Email Contact List (friendlocked to members only)
Calendar of Events
Quidditch Information
Prefect List (A complete list for the 1978-1979 term)
Character List (The complete character list for EM, including NPCs)
Professor List (The complete Professor list for EM)
Timeline (will be created as game progresses)
        SugarQuill.net's "All Things British"
        British Slang Dictionary
        HP Lexicon's British Slang